How far will you go to change your fate?

You Aren’t Supposed to Be Here

After everything you had to do to get here, your heart falters at the sight of the stone tower in the distance. It looms, a fulcrum of reality, all the more foreboding for how it seems to ignore you. The sound of your every footfall threatens to interrupt the distant twang and clack of an impossible and intricate mechanism. The blasphemy of your approach can be felt in the sourness of your stomach, the sweat on your brow, and the lump in your throat. Who are you to stand here? This place is not for you. This place is not for anyone.

And yet, you press on. There is no other path for you now. All other embers have been extinguished. Every other avenue has been a dead end. All hopes are lost. All but a stone tower out of time and out of place. Only the vagaries of fate can help you now, and so you will seek help from Fate directly. You will find your courage or you will not, it does not matter now. Uncountable half-real threads, shimmering in and out of view, form a living canopy driving inexorably to the loom of Fate at the apex of the tower. You, too, have only one path: toward... The Weaver's Observatory

The Weaver’s Observatory is a two player dramatic fantasy adventure about an explorer seeking to change their destiny by asking a boon of Fate herself. Set in an ancient tower outside time, the Climber shares memories of their life as they cross a moat of living dye, ascend through the threads of discarded fates, and navigate the mechanisms that construct the fate of all living things without knowing if their request is even possible.

Written for the Ennie Award Winning Tunnel Goons (2019, Highland Paranormal Society), The Weaver’s Observatory uses a classic dungeon format to explore the life of a character for whom every other hope has been extinguished, and who knows that even if they survive they may return empty handed. Can you change your past, or are your regrets essential to who you are today? Would you ask that the thread of your life be rewoven even if it must be cut in the process? The only way to know is to climb to the top of The Weaver’s Observatory.

Featuring custom tapestry, embroidery, string figures, sculpture, photography, and illustration by fibers artist Kali Lawrie, The Weaver’s Observatory is an intimate, isolated adventure in a mostly abandoned, impossible place. As the Climber you’ll reveal memories from your past, major or mundane, as you slowly work your way through discarded realities and ancient machinery. As Fate, you’ll represent the tower and its few inhabitants, and ultimately decide if your tapestry can be rewoven and at what cost. Together you’ll learn who the Climber is, why they’ve gone to such lengths with no guarantee of success, and whether their story ends in fortune or tragedy.

  • A full set of custom Childhoods, Professions, and Paths to the Tower for use with Tunnel Goons or any Tunnel Goons-based game.

  • Guidance for setting The Weaver’s Observatory within the context of a larger campaign.

  • A seven-story tower of puzzles, hazards, and guards with hand-drawn maps and fiber art photography.

  • Six impossible realities each with six eras to explore, six companions trapped in the tower, and thirty-six moments in the tapestry of other lives.

  • Eight potential epilogues to guide the Weaver’s hand in bringing the adventure to a satisfying, if possibly tragic, conclusion.

Praise for The Weaver's Observatory

Inaugural selection of the Chapbook Co-Op

I loved this game. It's inventive, engaging, and I love that it can be played both on its own and as part of a larger campaign. Without spoiling anything, I never would have thought to structure something like this (even as someone who's worked with fiber arts for a long time—which added to my enjoyment), and I loved every step up the tower. Well worth it, I can't wait to introduce it to more people!

- Emily Hummel (@hummeline)