Nine lives to stalk the earth! Nine times to die with sword in paw! Nine Lives to Valhalla!
Become a Maelstrom of Havoc!

You are a death metal viking cat, earning your place in the drinking halls of Valhalla by casting a wake of blood and carnage upon the blighted earth in each of your 9 lives. Guided personally by DEATH, your merry band will leave a wake of ruin ending only at the hands of a truly worthy foe. Find treasures, trade with merchants, mercenaries, or ghosts, and follow DEATH to seek worthy foes, fiendish traps, and ensure your place among the greatest warriors of catkind!

Fight and Die at Breakneck Speed!

Designed for fast-paced, high energy play, 9 Lives to Valhalla is a standalone, rules-light tabletop rpg for 2-6 players in the classic tradition of animal adventurers in a surprisingly dark fantasy world. It’s perfect for over-the-top livestreams, single-session games at your kitchen table, and joining your friends on a journey of brutal ferocity as you rampage through a cursed landscape against anyone who would resurrect ancient tyrannies.

Key Features
  • An original rule set designed for high speed carnage across a post-human landscape, where every roll of the dice is a life on the line - sometimes even the GM’s!

  • All new original art depicting the inhabitants of the Age of Beasts including cat vikings, mouse knights, and leash-worshipping dog sorcerers!

  • A full spate of blessings from the Panthera Pantheon for your Cat to earn through glorious death, including Witches Sight, Rustum’s Darting Flame, and Eyes that Burn as Stars!

  • Everything you need to make magickal, armored, giant, and tricky foes on the fly, from hummingbird assassins to skeletal dragons.

  • Guidance on how to discuss tone, establish boundaries, and adjust situations on the fly to help all players enjoy an evening of outrageous ultra-violence.

  • A full pantheon of great cats, a world of strangers and traders, and plenty of treasure to drive your game!

  • All barely contained in a 32-page A5 staple bound zine with a full color cover.

  • For 2-6 players. Parental guidance recommended.

Praise for 9 Lives to Valhalla

"Cozy rodent RPGs are cool and all, but it's about time we had a heavy metal cat game! Nine Lives to Valhalla is brutal in the best ways possible, and its simple, elegant mechanics keep things moving at the pace of a double bass drum."
Tyler Crumrine, Possible Worlds Games

“This game is for anyone who's looked at a cat and glimpsed the bad ass hunter-warrior that lurks in the heart of their stalwart companion. Surely in another world cats are blessed by Valhalla, favored by feline gods, and seek out glory by Death's side! Gem Room Games has done it again, creating an evocative world and creative playground, this time inspired by heavy metal and the nine mythical lives that cats deserve!”
Rae Nedjaji, Sword Queen Games

"9 Lives To Valhalla is a game that very much knows what it's about, and leans into it in all the right ways. Quick and to the point, you'll be telling the stories of your murder cat in no time. Not only that, but the text encourages you to bend and shape the game to fit the experience your table loves. Once you read it, you'll be dying (9 times) to play it."
Spencer Campbell, Gila RPGs

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